10 Days in Newport, Rhode Island

I sat down to write about Rhode Island— the quaint beauty of its cobble-stoned streets, breathtaking cliffs, the vintage mansions, the elegant yachts—and instead all I can think about is San Clemente. How are we leaving this place, this familiar paradise where we fell in love, were married, started a life (with an ocean view!), started a family, this place where we laughed and loved so much??

On July 2 I flew to Newport, Rhode Island for my husband’s OCS graduation. Seeing him for the first time after three months apart was a surreal experience. A few days before his graduation, I took a cab ride on base. Meeting him there meant we had to keep PDA to a minimum since he was in full uniform with his drill instructors wandering around. The next couple days were a blur of drill demonstrations, the celebration banquet for the Candidate Officers where we met all his superiors, and finally his private commission and graduation.


After graduation, Ensign Husband was allowed to pack up his sea-bag and leave base to come stay with me in the adorable vacation rental we had in a historic section of downtown Newport. We spent some time with his parents and my mom exploring Newport and sampling the incredible seafood.


Although it was technically a vacation because ENS. Husband had a few days of leave, there was so much ‘business’ to get done before I could really move out there that it became hard to balance it a few times. We saw our new apartment for the first time, and after our tiny place in San Clemente, the two bedrooms (with washer and dryer! and dishwasher! You give up a lot for an ocean view…) seemed huge. We were also blessed to find the perfect car while I was there that will accommodate a car seat much better than Jake’s Mustang Convertible :)

ENS. Husband drove me to the airport at the end of the trip and I didn’t think I could say goodbye again so soon. It had felt like a week long dream getting to wake up next to his face again, to hear him talking about our baby, to hold his hand as we walked around town, to hear him laugh at our inside jokes. Being back in San Clemente for a few days has been bittersweet. I’ve been trying to absorb all the pacific beauty I can in between watching the movers empty our first apartment and saying goodbye to friends and family that have meant so much to ENS. Husband and I.

Tomorrow I fly back to Newport. It will feel amazing to know that Jake and I won’t be separated again for at least ten months, which is some compensation for the certain feeling I have that it will be a long while before Rhode Island will start feeling like ‘home’. But “man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to leave the shore,” right? And so, as hard as this is, tomorrow it will be: Goodbye Pacific…Hello Atlantic!


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