A Simple Things Weekend

With three sleepless months behind us and a long underway before us, this weekend was a welcome reprieve. No thrilling adventures; just the flawless simplicity of a weekend full of old friends, familiar places, sunshine, wine, and laughter.

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 8.51.54 AMPhoto Credit: Mike Morrison

Friday/Saturday in a moment: San Clemente, steak dinner at Sundried Tomato sans children (I still cannot believe it’s been almost 4 years since our rehearsal dinner there!), Del Mar window shopping at night, sharing Beachfire’s drool-worthy s’mores dessert, 2 am snuggles with baby, celebrating a friend’s shiny new doctorate, chardonnay by the pool, baby sleeping in the shade, toddler swimming, old friends, family histories, whiskey-drinking, guitar playing, toddler dancing, late night meals and babies falling asleep all over.

On Sunday LTJG Husband had duty (poor man), so I spent the cloudy morning indoors cuddling babies, listening to Rend Collective and drinking coconut coffee until later when we snuck out for some sunshine and salty air. Here is what our walk looked like from baby’s POV:

image-3Carlsbad Village Drive

Jake would have appreciated this special that we saw:

image-5Grand Avenue Bar & Grill

But since duty nights mean no man to cook for- I treated myself to a candle-lit dinner of champions instead:


Jake came back this morning and we went right out with the boys to enjoy the cool morning:

photo-1Carlsbad State Beach

The beach walk must have worn the boys out, because they both took long naps and Jake and I were able to lounge and catch up together. Later my dad drove into town (this week is my little brother’s birthday, and he’s here to celebrate and visit with the boys) so we made some dinner in the new cast iron skillet LTJG Husband got me for mother’s day. It was so good to see Grandpa get to spend some time with this little dude, who incidentally has just discovered his feet this week:

image-7Rafe Ryan — 2.5 months old

All in all, it was a gorgeous, peaceful memorial day weekend; but as I sit and write this I can’t help but feel especially thankful to those who this day was set aside for: the men and women who have laid down their lives so we can have the freedom to live like this. And to their families, know this: They are not forgotten. We are so grateful, and always will be. 



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