Calafia Cliffs + The Cellar | San Clemente Date Night


After a week at sea, LTJG Husband got three days off so we snuck away on Friday night for a slightly adventurous and definitely nostalgic San Clemente date at the Calafia beach campgrounds.


Looming over Calafia beach in San Clemente are some seriously gorgeous cliffs, the top of which host a small campground where you can either pitch a tent or park your RV. One of the first dates Jake took me on in San Clemente was to these cliffs, and we would come here occasionally during our first year of marriage when we were living in downtown SC.


The view from the campground is beautiful, but it’s even more breathtaking when you jump the fence and make your way along the precariously thin ridge line to this spot (definitely forbidden, but you know, #YOLO). I doubt there is a better place in all of San Clemente to see the sunset from.



We usually bring take out as a picnic dinner when we visit this spot, and per usual we picked up our dinner at Guicho’s Eatery on El Camino Real. This little Italian eatery makes the most amazing Italian food and it is so affordable. It was take-out only until recently when they added a few tables to their small space and made it BYOB.


This time we got a salad off their specials menu called the Mediterranean Salad. It was a decent salad, but I like their chopped chicken salad best and find it a lot more hearty if you are sharing dishes.


We also got our favorite pasta dish from Guicho’s, their prosciutto tortellini in a vodka sauce with peas and mushrooms. We never get tired of this dish; I would love to learn to make a version of this at home!




We made it to the cliffs 20 minutes before sunset so we were able to enjoy our meal and lounge on the cliffs, soaking in the wild beauty. There is no place in the world like San Clemente.


After our picnic we packed it up and headed to Del Mar in downtown SC for drinks and dessert. We went to Beachfire for their s’mores dessert but their live music that night was especially popular and after standing and waiting for a table in their bar area (first come, first served) for 20+ minutes we decided to move on and try somewhere else. We landed at The Cellar, and I am so glad we did.


We’ve eaten here before but we’d never tried their dessert. We ordered their chocolate whiskey cake with coffee ice cream, and the waitress recommended an awesome Syrah to pair with it. My husband doesn’t even like coffee but he was gaga over this dessert (for good reason). We’ll definitely be back for another one of those cakes (seriously….heaven in your mouth).

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