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If sipping wine and dining on tapas in a 1920’s Spanish-style oceanfront hotel is your thing, you’d love La Casa del Camino. Built in 1929, La Casa del Camino is a hotel in Laguna Beach that has perfected the mixture of old world charm and modern amenities/cuisine, making it our favorite place to go when we get a night out. What was historically a coastal pitstop for Hollywood’s ‘golden age’ elite is now home to one of our favorite restaurants, K’ya Bistro, along with a gorgeous rooftop bar, frequent live music near the lobby bar/fireplace, and charming Spanish revival architecture and decor.

*** TRAVEL TIP! The hotel offers standard rooms (decorated like the hotel itself), but it also offers a series of ‘Surf Suites’. Each suite was designed by a different surf company and every one of them is completely unique to anything I have seen in any hotel. We loved the idea so much that four years ago we decided to spend our wedding night in the Billabong suite before jetting off Antigua, and we absolutely loved it. ***

Since so much of Jake and I’s romantic history is intertwined with this hotel, when his birthday rolled around this year we decided to round up some friends and head to La Casa del Camino last Sunday to celebrate. Here are some pictures of our night celebrating LTJG Hubs turning 27…

My handsome sailor is 27!
We love the tapas style dishes here. Our new favorite from Sunday is their honey truffle foie gras toast; SO delicious!
Old friends and good food :)
Mike and Matt enjoying 1/2 off bottles of wine night at K’ya
Jake wearing one of his birthday presents this year; a Banana Republic Red Linen shirt. Sorry ladies, he’s taken!
Some of the prettiest mommas around enjoying a few hours away from baby….Well, until Amy had to leave early because baby wouldn’t settle down for Grandma… #soundsaboutright #momlife
Jake & Dana
Bree & Marty
The Men
These two are the cutest.
I am so blessed to call him mine.

If you’re stationed at San Diego, Camp Pendleton, or Seal Beach, I definitely recommend slipping away to Laguna beach for a date night or staycation at La Casa del Camino. No matter how many times we go, we always walk away loving our experience there, and I hope one day we’ll get to try another ‘surf suite’ out again. Lastly, thank you to all the friends who carved time out of their busy, busy lives to join us on Sunday, and ‘Happy Birthday’ to my sweet sailor; I will never be through with celebrating you!


Striped Maxi, Statement Necklace, and Red Linen Shirt by Banana Republic // Bag by Marc Jacobs

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