Rustic Neutral Fall Dreamboard


Rustic Neutral Fall Dream Board | Get inspired for Autumn entertaining at

Well, we are four weeks deep into September, but here in Southern California our temperatures are currently hitting the triple digits. It definitely hasn’t been feeling like fall around here, but luckily we can always create fall inside (even if the mean ol’ weather refuses to play along)

Here’s a few fall items I have all the heart eyes for this season…

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Dreamy Home Gift Guide

The dreamiest home gift guide you ever did see! See the full guide and more at Does anyone else feel like this month is flying by? Being that we move practically every year, I always have my Christmas cards out the first week of the month so that everyone can get our new address via the return label, but here we are in the second week of December and– YIKES– only half of mine are addressed.

I’ve also fallen a little behind on my Christmas shopping this year with LTJG Husband at sea, but I started doing some online shopping today and felt so inspired by all the adorable gifts out there that I made this simple home gift guide for those of you that– like me– love to cozy up your place with dreamy items like these….

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Budget Tips To Improve Your Marriage

Budget Tips to Improve Your Marriage | more at

Just before getting married, LTJG Husband and I had a few sessions of premarital counseling (a common requirement to get married at a church, but also a great way to gain some wise advice about the next stage of life). We assumed we’d gain insight on improving our communication and dealing with future conflict, but what we actually ended up learning the most about was…budgeting. 

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Alkalizing “Pina Colada” Smoothie

Alkalizing Pina Colada Smoothie Recipe

One of the benefits of growing up in a nutrition-savvy family was that I learned to tweak my favorite treats into healthier versions so I could enjoy them without the guilt. This is a strategy that I have loved carrying over into my own family, although my husband still laments that slim-sliced bell peppers as a burger side are not the same as having french fries (poor man).

I came up with this particular summer concoction on a whim and my husband and I loved it so much that it has become a frequent lunch/treat during the extra hot days when we are craving a tropical vacation.

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