Chic DIY ‘Travel Posters’


I have always loved vintage travel posters; there is something so chic and vibrant about them that draws out the wanderlust in me. Since our bedroom is somewhat travel “themed,” I’ve often shopped around for authentic framed travel poster prints but as it turns out, they not what I would call especially affordable decor items. I decided to make my own version instead, which is how this DIY project came to be. They turned out so darling, I thought I would share how to make them with you as well! Bon voyage, my crafty friends!

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DIY Travel-Themed Wedding Gift

DIY Traveled Themed Wedding Gift for Travelers

This gift was particularly inspired by the wedding couple’s ambitious honeymoon: Paris, Rome, Australia, and the Bahamas (Um, take me with you, please? I’ll carry your luggage and sleep in the hall). However, this idea would work just as well with a couple going to one location on their honeymoon (with a modification I explain in Step 2). I had so much fun shopping for and putting this together that I thought I’d share it for anyone else looking for an outside-the-registry-box idea this wedding season!

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Summer Water: A Recipe


Summer is here so I thought I would share my favorite fruit-infused water recipe :) On super hot days (we don’t have air conditioning) the mint in this fruit-water is especially refreshing. Plus, the coconut water gives you a natural electrolyte boost! I guzzled this recipe like crazy last summer while I was pregnant with Rafe but I never grew sick of it, and here I am craving it again this summer.

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Summer in a Pan Recipe

When Jake is deployed, out on a short underway, or even just on duty, I like to keep meals simple, fresh, and healthy for myself. It’s a break from the carb & protein heavy man-meals he craves when he is home, and gives me a chance to refresh. I have a rotating list of favorites I make whenever he is gone because they are quick, easy, and delicious.

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Lemon Butter Turkey Bacon Brussel Sprouts

ENS. Husband is out at sea (again) so its back to the ‘dinner for one’ meals for this girl. Luckily, tonight I had all the ingredients I needed to make one of the meals I enjoyed over and over while Jake was gone on his last deployment: Lemon-Butter Turkey Bacon Brussel Sprouts (AKA Brussel Sprouts you will actually WANT to eat). The recipe below makes one serving, so be sure to at least double it if you are cooking for company.

Brussel Sprouts Cooked in Lemon-Butter with Turkey Bacon

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