Kai’s Autism Diagnosis

“She looked her duty courageously in the face and found it a friend – as duty ever is when we meet it frankly.” ― L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables.

A year ago today, I walked out of the doctor’s office, one hand tightly gripping Kai’s, the other holding a shaking paper with the words “Diagnosis: Autism” written on it.

How does anyone accurately describe the storm of emotions that happen in a moment like that? It has taken me an entire year to become mindful enough of my own turmoil through this process to write a post like this, but I can so distinctly remember those beginning weeks when I was feeling things like:

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A Momma’s Thoughts From The ER

Rady Children's Hospital San Diego

I sprint through the emergency room doors, a dazed baby bouncing on my hip, scanning the room. When I spot my little man on the gurney, his tiny form nearly hidden by firemen, I bite my lip to keep it from trembling. His skin is a brighter red than I thought humanly possible, like he’d spent a few too many hours in the sun, it’s texture raised and bumpy, forming the signature hives of anaphylaxis.

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Hi friends! So sorry for the unplanned mini hiatus going on here these days. If you read this post you know we have some big changes coming up and I have been 100% consumed with preparing for that. Hang tight! This transition will be over soon and I’ll be back to updating regularly and commenting back on your sweet new blog posts as well.

As a quick way to fill you all in, here is a little of what we are currently up to…

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The Baby Blues

A friend of mine recently told me about a dinner she was at where a very-pregnant woman’s husband proclaimed to the group that baby blues “were not real”; that this post-partum myth was just an excuse for hysterical women to have an an outlet for their pre-existing madness. Mind you, this post is not going to be a retaliatory barrage against this man, because I am sure he loves his pregnant wife very much and may go on to become an incredible father; but honestly, her story made my heart ache a little.


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How We Keep Our Love Alive Through Deployments

How we keep our love alive through deployments

It’s no secret that military life is tough on relationships. While we all love a good homecoming video, the fact is that the high-stress work atmosphere and frequent separations alone can wreck havoc on a marriage; add any other stressor on top of that (a high-needs child, a dose of extended family stress, an unexpected illness) and you could be watching the friendship you once shared with your spouse slip away before you can say “for worse.” LTJG Husband and I have been through the ringer since he swore in, so I’m no stranger to worrying about my military marriage, but I am so thankful to be able to say that even after nine months apart last year, our marriage has (seriously!) never been better.

Here’s 8 things we do to keep our love alive during the many deployments/separations the military throws our way.

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