Currently | September 2015

First of all, my apologies. It is shameful how little I have updated recently and I have no excuses except that two babies is madness + Jake is gone so, so much + I am trapped in a “what is sleep?” daze (apparently my new normal), all of which have worn down my ability to creatively express anything at all. Anyway, as we run full speed ahead into September here in Carlsbad, I am/we are currently…

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July 2015 Favorites


July was such a welcome relief after the June that we had. Despite the heat and LTJG Husband’s crazy work schedule, we were just so glad to have him ‘home’. Summer was in full swing this month for us, brimming over with with late night BBQ dinners off the grill and stolen moments in the sun together. Per usual, here were a few of my stand out favorites from July…

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The Baby Blues

A friend of mine recently told me about a dinner she was at where a very-pregnant woman’s husband proclaimed to the group that baby blues “were not real”; that this post-partum myth was just an excuse for hysterical women to have an an outlet for their pre-existing madness. Mind you, this post is not going to be a retaliatory barrage against this man, because I am sure he loves his pregnant wife very much and may go on to become an incredible father; but honestly, her story made my heart ache a little.


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New Mommy Must-Haves

New Mommy Must Haves | A Shopping Guide | more at

Before I ever got pregnant myself, I was blessed to work as a nanny for a few amazing families which gave me the unique chance to try every variation of baby product imaginable firsthand. By the time my own sweet one arrived, I had a pretty solid idea of what I wanted/needed for my own nursery. That list did change a bit through my experience with him, and now three months in with my second I have a relatively firm list of items I recommend as my new mommy ‘must-haves.’ Check it out for yourself or for ideas to bless a new mommy you know at her baby shower!

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