OCS | Day 11


Jake has been gone for eleven days now, and I feel as if I’ve been chopped in half, living each hour in a perfunctory haze. When I hear steps on the stairs outside our apartment I still think it’s Jake home from work, I continue to bring back leftovers thinking “Jake will eat this,” and when I spot his Mustang in parking lots I forget myself for a moment and my heart leaps at the thought that he drove there to surprise me, when in reality it was only me that parked it there. When I’m missing him the most, I try to channel that energy into praying for him, which helps.

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It’s Official | Swearing In

My husband swore in today. We drove through unusually heavy rain to the naval recruiting office in Orange this morning, where I met the recruiter and processor that have been so crucial and helpful through the process. For the first time, it felt real that Jake is doing this, that our lives will be so tied with the Navy.


The vintage posters around the office— one including a 40’s pin-up sailor girl saying “You-hoo! Join the Navy!”— were almost charming enough to make Francie and I enlist….almost.

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