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I have always loved vintage travel posters; there is something so chic and vibrant about them that draws out the wanderlust in me. Since our bedroom is somewhat travel “themed,” I’ve often shopped around for authentic framed travel poster prints but as it turns out, they not what I would call especially affordable decor items. I decided to make my own version instead, which is how this DIY project came to be. They turned out so darling, I thought I would share how to make them with you as well! Bon voyage, my crafty friends!

Step One


Purchase a full-size calendar of vintage travel posters. They are different every year, so you could even look for past years on Ebay if you don’t like the current years selection. I paid $13 for mine on Amazon and it came with thirteen different travel “posters” inside (they are obviously smaller than actual posters).

The posters that came in this year’s calendar
An especially cute example “poster” page from the 2015 calendar

Pick out the posters that you want to hang, and cut them out of the book. Feel free to trim the sides a bit, but I recommend leaving a healthy amount of white trim until you know your frame size.

Step Two

Completed Example {Without the Printed Paper}

Purchase pre-matted frames for your travel posters. The display window doesn’t have to be the same size as the travel poster; you can use printed gifted paper or scrapbook paper behind the poster to fill in any extra space (this can also serve to help make the travel posters ‘match’ a particular room style). Trim the travel posters to fit how you want them in the pre-matted frames. If you are using printed paper to fill in the space, trim the white around the poster to a very small border before gluing it to the print paper. Then trim the paper to fit the frame. Otherwise, just trim the white portion to fit the matted frame.

Completed Example {With Printed Paper to Fit Larger Frame}

The benefit of using printed paper behind the poster is it allows you to get a bigger frame size. I chose to mix ours: one smaller frame on either side of a larger frame with printed paper matting the travel poster.

Step Three

Hang your darling new posters to add a dash of travel chic to your room!


When I was shopping for framed travel prints, just one of them was going to cost me $65 on Here is how the cost breakdown of this DIY project compares: the calendar was $13, the pre-matted frames were $11-13 each (at Homegoods), and I already had the printed paper, so I spent $48 for all three. Since they only took me about five minutes to put together, I’d say I’m pretty happy I took the DIY route on this one!


15 thoughts on “Chic DIY ‘Travel Posters’

  1. I love this idea! I would want to make one for all of our European honeymoon destinations… or just everywhere my husband and I have been together abroad. Currently, I have a big collage frame full of our favorite photo from each city we’ve visited… but I think this idea would be even more fun :)

    1. That’s a great idea! I’ve been to two of the places I put up, but not Egypt. It makes sense to do ones you’ve visited together :)

    1. Yes, and there are SO many cute designs that were actually travel posters back in the day; I love it!

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