Some Happy News + Free Christmas Printable

Hey guys! First of all, no I am not pregnant. Once you have two kids in two years, every time you say you have “news,” people always think it must be: PREGGO! Anyway, the real news is…LTJG Husband got orders!

We are really happy with them and preparations for this transition are in full swing, which have kept me insanely busy. I’d love to tell you what the orders are, but we are keeping it pretty hush hush until we have it in writing. So stay posted!

Printable Poster by Darling & Sailor Design Suite { Visit for more }

With LTJG Husband at sea again, I’ve also been keeping busy with the boys and preparations for Christmas. As a military wife, having your hubby home for the holidays is a total blessing in itself and I’m really excited to get to do some celebrating and tradition starting with the boys when he gets back.

Speaking of Christmas prep, if you’re looking to deck your halls a little more, here is a free Christmas printable poster I designed for all you lovelies! To download, just enter your email below and you will be taken to the full size high resolution image to save and print. Happy decorating!


30 thoughts on “Some Happy News + Free Christmas Printable

  1. How exciting that you have a new adventure to look forward to. I wish you a smooth transition for your family and shall keep visiting to find out where y’all wind up. :)

    Beautiful poster design, too.

    Kindest Regards,
    #growyourblog member :)

  2. I am so glad you are happy with your new orders. It must be hard to me Mama while your husband is away. Your blog is beautiful, good luck to you!!

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