Hi friends! So sorry for the unplanned mini hiatus going on here these days. If you read this post you know we have some big changes coming up and I have been 100% consumed with preparing for that. Hang tight! This transition will be over soon and I’ll be back to updating regularly and commenting back on your sweet new blog posts as well.

As a quick way to fill you all in, here is a little of what we are currently up to…

Currently Preparing For…

Our move to Coronado! We decided to bite the rent-bullet and live on Coronado so LTJG Husband can have a full tour that requires no commuting, which means a lot more time with the boys and I.

Coronado Ferry Toll Booth |

Honestly, I wasn’t super thrilled with the idea at first (I love, love, love North County), but we ended up finding a really cute little house with a yard that is so close to base that we just couldn’t say no. Having a yard, a garden, no more stairs, and being walking distance to the beach that was voted one of the most beautiful in the world has definitely warmed me up to living on ‘the island.’ We move on Saturday!

Currently Celebrating…

Turning 27! Eek! I’m officially in my ‘late’ twenties now. I spent my birthday getting treated by my momma to a massage and facial while she watched the boys and on Friday LTJG Husband has a surprise night out for me that he has been hyping up for months now. Can’t wait to find out what he’s got in store! #nopressure

Currently Grieving…

Leaving our community in North County, especially our church. Serving at Daybreak Church as a leader of Military Wives and as a Life Group leader has blessed and grown me in ways I could never have imagined when I said ‘yes’ to those responsibilities. Leaving this community will feel a little bit like I’m leaving a limb behind.

Daybreak Military Wives in Carlsbad, CA |

Monday was my last night as co-leader of the Daybreak Military Wives group and the girls really went all out on sending me off with their love. Rachel- who is the most incredible leader and friend- created such a beautiful, thoughtful gift basket for me and her speech had me in tears before she even had the second sentence out. It’s not every day you get to see and hear how you’ve impacted others, and I’ll never forget the encouragement I received that night, not ever. Thank you girls!

To everyone I’ve known and served with and been invested in by at Daybreak: I love you. If every church were like you there would be so much less chaos, hate, and pain in this world. Thank you for looking like Jesus; it’s so gosh-darn beautiful! You are the most authentic, loving community I’ve ever known and I will miss you like crazy.

Currently Excited For…

This new year and all the fresh adventures and explorations that are coming along with it. Bring it on!




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    1. It was very quick all things considered! I really expected it to be a longer search so that was a relief for sure :)

    1. Thanks, Malia! Yeah, hotel living is not ideal in any situation, haha. Luckily we wouldn’t have had to worry about that this time around but regardless it all worked out much better than expected!

  1. I’m so glad you found a house, and it sounds so bittersweet to leave your church family. That is the hardest. I’ve been following along on insta and I can’t wait to see pics of your sweet house. SOOO envious of that weather! lol

    1. It definitely is :( It’s going to take a while to adjust but I have a lot of hope for this tour and the things in store for our family here!

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