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First of all, my apologies. It is shameful how little I have updated recently and I have no excuses except that two babies is madness + Jake is gone so, so much + I am trapped in a “what is sleep?” daze (apparently my new normal), all of which have worn down my ability to creatively express anything at all. Anyway, as we run full speed ahead into September here in Carlsbad, I am/we are currently…


Anything that doesn’t require an oven.  As I write this it is 9:04 am and already 90 degrees in our townhouse, so by the time dinner time rolls around, nothing can induce me to turn another source of heat on. We’ve been grilling meat outside and adding cold salads as sides, or creating meals like this charcuterie board that requires zero cooking but still feels fancy. #beattheheat

DSCN2579Greek Olives, Prosciutto/Salami/Capricola, Marinated Artichoke Hearts, Syrah Soaked Toscano Cheese, Kalamata Olive Bread, Bogle Petite Syrah


Breathing Room by Leeana Tankersley, writer and wife of a Navy SEAL. Earlier this year I got to hear Leeana speak at my church, where she shared a bit of her story and some of the highlights of Breathing Room. Her wit, honesty, and sincere attachment to the book “Oh the Places You’ll Go” (same, same) made me want to pick a copy up for myself, and although I’m only halfway through it I’m already looking forward to sharing some of her hard-won insights with the girls in my military wives group later on this month. If you’re interested in the book, check out Leeana’s blog here to follow along with the Breathing Room book club she has going on right now!


Bachelor in Paradise. Maybe I shouldn’t admit this, but I just cannot help myself when it comes to this show. It is an absurd premise, supremely shallow, overly dramatic, and (apparently) irresistible for this stay at home momma trapped in a 90 degree house with no chance of vacation for another six months at least.

Photo Credit: People Magazine PHOTO CREDIT: PEOPLE MAGAZINE

Favorite moments: Jaqueline’s expressions as Mackenzie rejects Mikey’s rose, followed closely by Tanner and Jade’s engagement (yes, in that order). Side note: Does anyone else think Kirk should be locked up with the parakeets and crabs for eternity? Agreed.

Waiting For:

Orders. LTJG Husband’s sea tour is up June 2016, and I am starting to get that curious/excited/anxious swirl of emotions that comes with knowing that new orders could come any day now. We have some much-discussed hopes and dreams for Jake’s upcoming shore tour, but we know nothing is for sure until there are written orders. #hurryupandwait


Beach days. We recently discovered there is a private beach on Camp Pendleton with free parking, cabanas, a cantina, etc. It’s only a 5-10 minute drive from our place, so we will be taking advantage of that location as often as possible during these last very warm weeks of summer, especially when Carlsbad State Beach is flooded with tourists.

DSCN2573Kai & LTJG Husband at Del Mar Beach, Camp Pendleton

In Shock About:

Rafe Ryan being six months old! How even?? He had his half-birthday check-up yesterday, and all is well despite the fact that right now the poor guy is cutting his first two teeth in the midst of a heat wave in a house that has no A/C. #whatachamp

This little squish has brought such a ridiculous amount of joy into our lives that it makes my heart ache to watch these months disappear behind us at such a rapid rate.

rafeRafe Ryan | 6 Months Old

As far as the rest of September goes, I am crossing my fingers for more fall-like weather around here because if I see one more ad for pumpkin spice lattes glimmering in the heat like a mirage, I may actually lose it… *sob*



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    1. Isn’t that a running joke on HIMYM? That if you love or hate olives you should marry someone that feels the opposite? ;)

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