Day Dates Are Underrated

LTJG Husband has a huge inspection on ship coming up and he spent the week working overtime to prepare, which meant sleeping on ship twice this week since he also had duty on Saturday. By the end of the week, we were both wiped out and really needed a little Sunday funday action. Nana offered to watch the boys for an hour or two so we could slip away and get some much needed time together (I think we’ve had about 45 minutes together without the boys since he got back this month). We agreed immediately: We needed brunch, and we needed the beach. We headed to Leucadia for some brunch at Le Papagayo and to get our tired bums in the sand at Beacons beach.

Beacons Beach, Leucadia

We are huge fans of Le Papagayo, especially their live music, fresh Mediterranean food, and all-night happy hour on Tuesdays, but this was our first time trying their brunch. Two guava mimosas, a bloody mary, a dutch-oven style blueberry hotcake, a “luxury” california burrito, and a classic eggs benedict later…I think I can safely say their breakfast is now one of my favorites in Southern California. We headed down the trail to Beacons fat and happy and ready to soak up some sun.

Michael Kors Sunglasses

Jake and I have very different beach styles. He is miserable just laying on the sand, while there is almost nothing I would rather do. In about 4 seconds I was half-way to being asleep in the sun, while he had already gone sprinting into the ocean. When he does that, he’s usually gone at least twenty minutes and he swims so far out I can hardly spot him so I was surprised to find him plopping down in our beach chair just a few minutes later. He sat there quietly debating whether or not to say anything before admitting his swim was cut short because he got a nasty counter-attack after stepping on a stealthy stingray. Because he is such a sweet, tough hunk of a man, he insisted on not cutting our beach time short and spent the rest of the hour lounging and laughing with me. Thank you, Mr. Stingray?

Our “post-stingray attack” faces

To be honest, day dates as parents can definitely have some down sides, which is why we haven’t done them much in the past. Being out alone during the day means LTJG Husband is missing out on precious time with the boys, whereas during night dates they are already in bed. They are also harder for me because I have to make sure I am back in time to nurse the baby (who eats about every 3 hours at this point), which can make them feel pretty rushed.

That being said, we had a really fun time despite it being so short and I think day dates have generally been too underrated in my mind. As much as I love getting dressed up and going out at night, our day date was way more “play” orientated, and got me looking forward to hopefully planning a lot more of them in the future.

On that note, what are your favorite day-dates? We’re always looking for new ideas to try!



23 thoughts on “Day Dates Are Underrated

  1. You two are so cute together!! I love date days. Zack and I love getting away to Jacksonville, NC (about an hour away from us) and going out to lunch and hitting up the mall. Somedays we’ll add in a movie or a trip to Camp Lejeune so he can reminisce on his Lejeune days (he very much misses being stationed there). I think I definitely prefer date days as opposed to date nights. So much better haha

    1. Thank you! I love nostalgic dates too, I would love to go back to the university where we met and have a picnic or something sometime :)

  2. Glad you guys got a bit of time to yourselves!! Fun day date ideas I like are exploring a new town nearby or maybe hitting up a vineyard (if accessible). I also love the arcade at any time!

    1. Ooh, great idea! We haven’t done a wine tasting since I had the baby so maybe we need to scope out a nearby vineyard next time…

    1. My hubby used to dread shopping dates but lately for some reason he seems more into shopping than I am! I’m not complaining! ;)

  3. Love your faces in that post stingray pic – too cute!

    I LOVE day dates… we don’t live near a beach so usually hiking or mini golf… something like that!

    1. Thank you! We are huge fans of hiking (he actually proposed on one of our favorite hikes), but we haven’t done them as much since the littles came around. I’m really looking forward to the weather cooling down a bit so we can get back into them.

    1. Thank you! I think I like matinees best too, then when you go out AFTER the movie you have more to talk about ;)

  4. We have a little one, and day dates are so nice. When my parents were visiting we went to lunch and a movie. I felt less guilty because it was mostly over nap time, and we were home in plenty of time to be there when little miss went to bed!

  5. We currently do a lot of day dates but we also don’t have kids. My husband is out at sea more than he’s home so we try to make the most of all of the time that he’s home. I love the casual dates much more than the “get dressed up” dates because they remind me of dating and why I love him.

    So sorry your husband got attacked by the stingray but glad it turned into a positive! Love your post-stingray faces. :)

    1. Exactly; we are in a similar cycle right now with his sea tour. It’s so hard to stay caught up on each other’s lives when you have so little time together!

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