OCS | Day 11


Jake has been gone for eleven days now, and I feel as if I’ve been chopped in half, living each hour in a perfunctory haze. When I hear steps on the stairs outside our apartment I still think it’s Jake home from work, I continue to bring back leftovers thinking “Jake will eat this,” and when I spot his Mustang in parking lots I forget myself for a moment and my heart leaps at the thought that he drove there to surprise me, when in reality it was only me that parked it there. When I’m missing him the most, I try to channel that energy into praying for him, which helps.

Jake checked in at Officer Candidate School on April 15th, and the last time I talked to him was the day following when they all were allowed one five minute call. There was an issue with Jake being able to enroll me as a dependent (which gives me access to Navy insurance) leaving it up to me to find a way to enroll myself using the power of attorney that we—fortunately—set up before Jake left. Which is why I visited Moreno Valley yesterday, where Jake’s processor works, and she took me on base to get my I.D. Unfortunately, when I got home I realized they had put the wrong birthday on the card, so I’ll be headed to Pendleton soon to get it fixed.

Normally the I.D. would not be a big issue, except that I am currently six and a half weeks pregnant and should probably be seeing a Doc about that ;) Being pregnant seems to make everything more complicated since I feel like I’m walking under water and can’t seem stomach anything except eggs, soup, and coconut products. Over all, its not the worst time for Jake to be away since I would like nothing more than to sleep in the sun all day like a cat, which would in all likelihood bore Jake half way to death after a few days. I am anxious to know that everything is on track and healthy, so getting a functional I.D. is high on the priority list.

The best part of this week was getting a surprise e-mail from Jake. Apparently they were allowed to set up an e-mail account there and send out one test e-mail, although they won’t be able to use it again until later in training:

“The letter I sent will let you know how things are going, it’s pretty bad but I have so much hope and God is really carrying me through it. The nights here are the worst but I get such a high after finishing one of our rough PT sessions.  The drill instructor is intense and he pretty much haunts my dreams haha!  We have to drink so much water in order to not get dehydrated so you wake up 10 times a night to go to the bathroom which sucks but this whole thing is definitely growing me! …Be strong Kenna, pray for me, be in the word, we’ll be together before you know it.  I’ll send another email when I get access again. Love you, I love you, you are my wonderful bride and I adore you…”

71 days left.



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