He’s Home!

It makes me so happy to be able to write this: LTJG Husband is home! The month of survival-mode is finally over. His ship pulled in Thursday and we slipped out for a little beachside happy hour date while Nana watched the boys. It makes all the difference in the world getting to spend even just an hour together alone before our two year old tackles Daddy and claims him for his own.

Our happy hour was ended by a text that said the baby wouldn’t take a bottle, so we had to hustle out of there and get home so I could nurse him, but it was still the perfect kick-off to Jake’s first weekend back.

Here are some pictures from Daddy’s first weekend back… 

newpost2Ocean House in Carlsbad Village

Having been in freezing cold Alaska, Jake was hoping for a beach day or two when he came back but the weather was cool and cloudy alternating with rainy for most of the weekend so we stuck to our favorite Carlsbad village/seawall walk with the boys when we wanted to get out.

newpost5Carlsbad’s official flower is the Bird of Paradise; hence this tile artwork that Kai was obsessed with.

Kai has gotten to the age where he would much rather walk with us than ride in the stroller, but it only really happens when Jake is home because I can’t keep up with him when I have a sleeping baby strapped to my chest. When he is out walking on his own, I love getting to see him explore new things like this tile artwork.

newpost7Cafe Elysa in Carlsbad Village

We decided to finally grab some food from this little cafe that we have passed at least 100x since living here but have never tried. It’s always hard to figure out which places are popular for their good food and which ones are just tourist traps that are constantly busy because of their location. This place always has a packed porch- their proximity to the ocean makes that a no-brainer- but the specials on their sidewalk sign have always sounded good to us, especially the coconut-custard french toast and the ham, pineapple, pesto panini.

newpost4Cafe Elysa in Carlsbad Village

Verdict: The hot sandwiches on French bread we got were delicious, and despite the cafe’s humble appearance, the pastries inside looked like works of art. I also got an iced latte, but the espresso tasted burnt and it was heavy on ice, low on milk (not my favorite). All in all, the sandwiches were good enough to make us want to come back and try the french toast next time, especially since the location is so convenient for us.


We let Kai run around on the grass overlooking Carlsbad State Beach, but most of the time he was more interested in checking out the waves and the people.

newpost6It’s like herding cats trying to get Kai to stay in the frame for a picture
newpost10Everything is a playground when you’re two

Kai is our little social butterfly and whenever we let him run around like this he will always find some people to entertain and interact with. This time he chose a couple in their mid-fifties sitting on an ocean-front bench to try and befriend; he danced and laughed and babbled away in front of them trying to get their attention, but they were too engrossed in their smart phones to even notice. It wasn’t until Kai actually tried to crawl up on their bench that they noticed him and laughed a little before going right back to their phones. We were there at least thirty minutes, and the entire time this couple didn’t look up to enjoy the ocean or each other even once. It’s hard to imagine that there was anything more entertaining or striking on their phones than everything happening organically around them. It was a semi-depressing reminder of how much intentionality it takes to be present now, but it made me especially thankful for all the beauty and conversation Jake and I got to experience with each other during our walk that morning.

newpost1“Ollie & Me” children’s boutique in Carlsbad Village

We also discovered Kai loves window shopping as much as his momma does (Save myself the stress of trying to keep him from grabbing everything off the shelves by staying outside? Don’t mind if I do). I actually have to avoid going in this store myself too often because I want to buy literally everything they have.

I wish I had some pictures of the 4th to include, but it was such a relaxed holiday for us that I completely forgot to take any. We had a few old friends over for BBQ and to let the kiddos play together. LTJG Husband got his baby-girl fix holding our friends’ newborn baby Daisy (He is always trying to convince me we should just have all our babies consecutively, but I’m insisting on a good two year gap or so before we try for our own bow-wearing babe), and Kai got to spend most of the evening playing with one of his best friends Jack.

newpost11LTJG Husband and Rafe Ryan (4 months)

One of my biggest concerns about Jake coming home this time was how the baby would react to him. Rafe is our shy one, and he was only three months when Jake left so I wasn’t sure if he would remember him much, but I think it’s pretty safe to say he was at least as happy as Kai and I were to see him. Daddy is home; all is right in our little world.


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