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The dreamiest home gift guide you ever did see! See the full guide and more at ofseasandsundry.com Does anyone else feel like this month is flying by? Being that we move practically every year, I always have my Christmas cards out the first week of the month so that everyone can get our new address via the return label, but here we are in the second week of December and– YIKES– only half of mine are addressed.

I’ve also fallen a little behind on my Christmas shopping this year with LTJG Husband at sea, but I started doing some online shopping today and felt so inspired by all the adorable gifts out there that I made this simple home gift guide for those of you that– like me– love to cozy up your place with dreamy items like these….

1. Sextet Bottle Vase

Instead of using one large vase, divide your flower bouquet into these six small vases for an adorable centerpiece or scatter them around the house to spread the beauty and fragrance beyond the dining table.

2. Love & Happiness Key Ring and Bottle Opener

This one would make an adorable stocking stuffer!

3. Gold and Metal Bar Cart

There is no way we could have a bar cart in the house with the ages our wild boys are at right now, but if we could this would definitely be the one I’d want on display.

4. Memory Dangles Photo Frame – Set of 3

I love this dainty idea for mixing up photo displays.

5. Love Offering Tealight Holder

Most votives have writing or decoration on the outside, but I love that on this one the burning candle lights up an interior message (plus, I love that saying so much right now being that my three year old asks me to read him that book every night these days).

6. The Little Paris Kitchen Cookbook

This cookbook is filled with gorgeous pictures and delicious recipes. Please try the lemon butter fish recipe with capers, it is melt-in-your-mouth amazing. 

7. LO-VE Marquee Sign

This wall marquee has so much character; it would be so much fun to put up on a simple wall.

8. Cable Knit Throw in Gray

I absolutely love throw blankets, and this one looks classic, cozy, and super warm.

9. Triangle Love Tray

SOMEDAY my husband and I will get to sleep in again, and when we do I hope we have breakfast in bed off trays as cute as these.

10. Floral Cotton Table Napkins

Anyone that has had dinner at our place knows I am obsessed with the cotton napkins from World Market. I love to mix and match all their patterns and colors with white dinnerware for a festive but rustic dinner table look.

11. Capri Blue Mercury Candle

These candles are classic gift material. They are gorgeous and smell so amazing that you may cry when you burn it to the end. But then again, the holder is so adorable you could easily keep it around to use for another purpose, like holding jewelry. There is no way I’ll be throwing mine out when it is used up!

Happy shopping, friend!


39 thoughts on “Dreamy Home Gift Guide

  1. that bar cart 😍😍😍. we’ve been redecorating and remodeling our house & I enjoy seeing all the latest trends and pieces to get exactly the feel I want.

    1. I’ve found it goes even faster once kids are thrown in the mix, as I’m sure you’re discovering this year! :)

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