It’s Official | Swearing In

My husband swore in today. We drove through unusually heavy rain to the naval recruiting office in Orange this morning, where I met the recruiter and processor that have been so crucial and helpful through the process. For the first time, it felt real that Jake is doing this, that our lives will be so tied with the Navy.


The vintage posters around the office— one including a 40’s pin-up sailor girl saying “You-hoo! Join the Navy!”— were almost charming enough to make Francie and I enlist….almost.

Instead we sat there sipping coffee out of ‘keepsake’ Navy mugs, and when one of the men asked if I had any questions about being a Navy wife, I told him: “About a thousand.” He answered as many as he could, and I left surprisingly  reassured about many of the things that had worried me simply for lack of information on them. After a thousand pages were signed, my man swore in with another guy that will be in his OCS class, as well as in the following Supply Corps class. They bonded instantly over their mutual sadness at the lack of Albertacos on the east coast.


 Leaving the office, things felt wonderfully— and deceivingly— ‘complete’. There is so much to do before he leaves in April. In the next few months, he’ll be training harder than ever and studying as much as possible while still working his current job as a banker. Every moment with him feels precious to me now, especially when I think about how we’ll be completely separated for those three months when he is going through—essentially— boot camp for officers. But harder days aside, today was perfect in all its delicious hopefulness. And besides, one of the officers told me that he and his wife once spent three luxurious years stationed on the coast of Naples, Italy….

And that is a possibility a girl could definitely get used to.


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