July 2015 Favorites


July was such a welcome relief after the June that we had. Despite the heat and LTJG Husband’s crazy work schedule, we were just so glad to have him ‘home’. Summer was in full swing this month for us, brimming over with with late night BBQ dinners off the grill and stolen moments in the sun together. Per usual, here were a few of my stand out favorites from July…

1. Summer Scented Soy Candles


I’ve been certifiably crazy for Natural Body & Bath candles for four years now; I love all their seasonal scents, and summer is no exception. My favorite thing about these candles is that they are made with biodegradable US grown soy wax and essential oils, so they never have that sickeningly sweet fake fragrance smell; for instance, their floral candles smell exactly like the real blooms, not a perfumed version of them. This month I had the usuals burning (Caribbean Dream, Wild Current) but I also had a new one I grabbed at the last street fair. It’s called La’au-‘ala (AKA Hawaiian Sandalwood), which somehow manages to smell fresh, natural, and sexy all at the same time, making it to the top three of my favorite scents in their entire line (the others are Wild Current and Under the Mistletoe).

2. Organic Pink Lady Apples


Tangy, tart apples are my jam so when I saw these pink ladies bearing that description at Joe’s, I had to give them a try. I am super picky about my apples (Mealy? Get out of here. Blandly sweet? I have no use for you). I bit into these and they literally tasted like…roses. Roses! How even? I thought I must be crazy but my husband tasted the exact same thing. On top of that, they are tart and sweet and perfect for this fruit salad recipe I stole from my momma that you should definitely try sometime this summer:

Toss 1-2 diced pink lady apples with blueberries and pomegranate seeds, and the juice of half a fresh squeezed lemon for some serious summer deliciousness.

3. Biosilk Blonde Shampoo


I used to have naturally dark golden blonde hair until I got pregnant with my first son, which is when my hair turned to a rebellious light brown. That is about the time I started highlighting it in an attempt to get back to my natural color, and have been fighting the war on brassiness ever since. I recently found this gem and it has made such a difference in keeping my blonde on the cooler side of the spectrum with no hints of brassy yellow or red. It does make my hair feel slightly dry sometimes, so I use extra leave in conditioner afterwards, but it is worth it to go longer between coloring and to not have to pay extra for a toner when I’m there.

4. Lifefactory Water Bottle


Did I mention how hot it has been here without air conditioning? Things One and Two have been living in diapers and I’ve been needing way more hydration to keep up with the extra nursing that baby has needed in the heat. My Lifefactory water bottle is my favorite for daily use because it’s made of glass (i.e. even on the hottest days there won’t be any chemicals leaching into the water the way it can with plastic), and it’s also covered with soft rubber so when my toddler drops it on the kitchen floor, there is no shattering emergency. I take this with me everywhere.

5. Learning New Routines


This month I finally started to feel like I was getting a grip of our “new normal.” Thing Two fell into a pretty consistent nap schedule, so I found myself able to get a lot more done and even read a few books. We are still working out how to balance my toddler’s desire to be outside running 24/7 with my introverted baby’s desire to stay inside cuddling all day, but we’re finding a decent balance with the help of my Ergo carrier and a lot of trial and error. While it still feels more like chaos control than Pinterest parenting perfection, it was a big improvement from last month.

Overall, I guess you could say the sun came out in my emotional world as well as the real one; I am hopeful that things will just continue to get better and easier to juggle from here on out.


12 thoughts on “July 2015 Favorites

  1. I’m going to have to try that shampoo! I also had to start highlighting my hair after babies. My hair got totally dark. Not sure what those babies do, but they can work some magic I guess.

  2. My favorite part of July was that I accepted a new position and am set to completely change careers and goals in the middle of August. Looks like you had a great month and I too am a lover of pink lady apples!

    1. It won’t lighten your hair, but if you highlight it then it will help keep it from fading or getting brassy ;)

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