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Before I ever got pregnant myself, I was blessed to work as a nanny for a few amazing families which gave me the unique chance to try every variation of baby product imaginable firsthand. By the time my own sweet one arrived, I had a pretty solid idea of what I wanted/needed for my own nursery. That list did change a bit through my experience with him, and now three months in with my second I have a relatively firm list of items I recommend as my new mommy ‘must-haves.’ Check it out for yourself or for ideas to bless a new mommy you know at her baby shower!

1. Bebe Au Lait Muslin Nursing Cover {$38}


Most nursing covers are hot, heavy, and difficult to nurse in, but this nursing cover will have you falling in love before you can say “let-down.” I recommend this muslin cover for every nursing mommy because it is the only one my hot-blooded baby boys would tolerate (they literally refused to nurse in any other). This one is so light and breathable that they still get airflow and the stiff collar allows you to see your baby the whole time. It’s sheer without being see-through, so I love using it as a carseat cover too since baby loves watching the light play through the patterns. It’s machine washable and comes in a bunch of gorgeous patterns, so choose one that suits you since you will find yourself wearing it often when in public.

2. Burt’s Bees Mamma Bee Belly Butter {$13}


This belly-lotion is made from Shea and Jojoba and is free of phthalates, parabens, and *gag* petrolatum. I used it every night throughout both pregnancies starting at 10 weeks and I never got a single stretch mark despite delivering 9 and 10 lb boys (MY. BELLY. GETS. HUGE). A single tub lasts a while, so it’s a great buy for the price and I’ve continued to use mine post-delivery as a regular lotion so it doesn’t go to waste. If you plan on using it throughout your pregnancy, you can use the subscribe and save option on Amazon Prime to make it even cheaper and have it delivered monthly.

3. Cupcake Underwired Nursing Bra {$45-54}


I prescribe to the old-fashioned ideal that becoming a mommy doesn’t mean I stop being “Wifey.” That being said, these ‘pretty little things’ are as much for me as they are for LTJG Husband, but he more than approves. Amoralia’s Cupcake Underwire Nursing Bra is my favorite sexy nursing bra but I also like Hotmilk nursing bras. The Cupcake bra comes in four adorable colors and practically every size, plus it is super supportive and simple to nurse in (obviously).

 4. Aden + Anais Muslin Swaddle Cloths {$30-$50}


There are few things in life I love more than snuggling a swaddled babe. When I was a nanny, the woman I worked for taught me to use these muslin swaddle cloths to make the most perfect baby burritos, a highly recommended trick that will often help newborn babies sleep longer and more soundly than unswaddled babes. Material-wise, these have all the same benefits as the muslin cover I described above. I use these swaddle blankets way beyond the swaddling age as light blankets in the summer, as car-seat blankets (the breathable material means I don’t have to worry much about the material creeping up around baby’s face), and even as DIY toddler-bed bumpers. Shop around for the best price, as it can vary a lot from place to place.

5. Motherlove Organic Nipple Cream {$10}

I wish I could go back in time and give this to my new-mommy self after having my first baby. I really struggled with breastfeeding in the beginning due to miserably sore and cracked nipples, and barely pushed through using an assortment of other salves. This time around I discovered this gem just in time and it healed me up faster than I could believe. You don’t have to wipe it off before breastfeeding, and a little goes a very, very long way. I had a lot left over, so I use it as a cradle-cap salve for baby occasionally (it works wonders for that too). Of all things, I think this is a must for nursing mommas.

6. Bright Starts Bouncer {$21}


There are a lot of fancy bouncers/rockers/etc. out there, but this simplest of bouncers has been a lifesaver with both my babes. Anytime they move it creates a light bouncing sensation that makes them feel “held” and it’s so light it can be moved anywhere. Right now Babe #2 will sit in this anytime I’m cooking, showering, or attending to Babe #1, and the toys will keep him distracted for a good long while if needed (most of the time I have the toys off). Trust me new mommies, this will make your life so much easier!

7. Mom’s One Line a Day: A Five-Year Memory Book {$10}


This book is such a treasure! Each page has space for just a very short entry for each year; it requires just a sentence or two so even the most exhausted momma won’t be overwhelmed by keeping up with it. With my first babe, I didn’t get to his baby book until he turned one but thankfully I was able to skim through all my entries in this little book to find all the ‘firsts.’ Now that I am on year three of the book, it is so fun to read the previous years’ entries right above it. The book is small enough to carry with you, so you never miss a memory.

8. A Lily-Jade Diaper Bag {$145-$335}


Okay, so these bags may seem a little more on the “splurge” side than the “must-have” side  but they are so worth it, especially if you plan on having more than one babe. I had a cheap diaper bag to begin with and was constantly frustrated with how disorganized and cumbersome it was. Lily-Jade bags all come with an internal removable & washable organizer that has so many easy access pockets that you won’t be able to stay disorganized if you wanted to. Plus, they are gorgeous and could easily be used as a regular bag when you are done toting around diapers for the littles. My favorite bag is the Elizabeth in Camel (pictured above) that includes some of my favorite features: soft premium leather, straps that change to a backpack function, and outside pockets. A little hint: Follow Lily-Jade on Instagram to participate in their awesome giveaways; that’s how me and two of my friends ended up with ours! :)

9. Dohm Sound Machine {$49}

NEW MOMMY MUST-HAVES | More at ofseasandsundry.comWe tried to be those parents that somehow magically groom their babies to sleep through anything, but our boys declined the method resolutely. That being said, these sound machines help them (and me!) sleep like a dream. When turned on, it sounds like gentle rushing air (it essentially functions like a fan, not with digital noises), and its portable size makes it really easy to take with us on trips, etc. It is highly recommended by the National Sleep Foundation, so my babies can’t be the only ones that love it!

10. Green Smoothies


Mommas: Growing, delivering, and caring for a baby is no joke and pregnancy can sap your vital nutrients, making it extra important that you make taking care of yourself a priority. Being three months postpartum, I can attest to how much better you will feel if you make fresh green smoothies/juices a part of your daily diet. I have a local juice place I love to buy cold-pressed organic kale juices from, but I also love making smoothies at home out of fresh ingredients like the ones above (AKA today’s pre-blended smoothie). Just remember: buy organic, wash well, and enjoy often! Cheers!

Lastly, sweet new mommas, here is some advice someone gave me when my first was born: Don’t blink! ;)


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    1. I love the bouncer :) We even take it outside when we’re grilling and he looks up at the trees while he bounces

  1. Thanks for sharing, just had a couple have their first baby so I will definitely be sending them the one line a day journal and maybe some of the nursing stuff.

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