Alkalizing “Pina Colada” Smoothie

Alkalizing Pina Colada Smoothie Recipe

One of the benefits of growing up in a nutrition-savvy family was that I learned to tweak my favorite treats into healthier versions so I could enjoy them without the guilt. This is a strategy that I have loved carrying over into my own family, although my husband still laments that slim-sliced bell peppers as a burger side are not the same as having french fries (poor man).

I came up with this particular summer concoction on a whim and my husband and I loved it so much that it has become a frequent lunch/treat during the extra hot days when we are craving a tropical vacation.

How is this “Pina Colada” recipe better for you? The raw apple cider vinegar (which is what gives it that ‘tang’) has incredible health benefits, including helping to alkalize your body’s PH level, and coconut oil (the darling of the health world right now) is chock full of health-boosting benefits as well. With no added sugar, you can feel really good about ‘indulging’ in this treat as often as you want!


Ingredients & Instructions

– 1/2 Cup Plain, Unsweetened Organic Yogurt

– 1/2 Cup Frozen Pineapple Tid Bits 

– 1 TBSP Melted Coconut Oil 

– 1/4 TSP Vanilla Extract 

– 1-2 TBSP Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (2 TBSP may be too tangy/strong for people that are not used to the flavor of ACV, but I prefer 2 TBSP) 

– Optional: Lime garnish 

Blend all the ingredients in a blender until smooth and creamy. When putting the ingredients in, I recommend not putting the coconut oil directly on top of the frozen pineapple because it will become solid. To avoid that, I put my ingredients into my nutrabullet cup in this order: ACV & Vanilla on the bottom, then frozen pineapple, then the yogurt on top of that to create a buffer layer, and lastly the coconut oil. Once you put the coconut oil in, blend it quickly to keep it from solidifying into a chunk.

Pour into your favorite glass, garnish with lime (or squeeze on top) and enjoy! Cheers!


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    1. It’s such a pain in the winter, but around summer time our coconut oil is forever melted so it works well for things like this :)

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