The Story of Us

Like most good adventures, this one is about a boy and a girl who fell in love too young and decided to spend the rest of their lives together anyway.


As fate would have it, their story begins with Hope. He was twenty-two, living on the third level of Hope Hall dormitory at their Southern California University; she was twenty-one and living on the floor just below his. He loved crossfit, the ocean, and california burritos; she loved F. Scott Fitzgerald stories, honey lattes, and Louis Armstrong. He dreamed of being a Naval Officer; she dreamed of writing in Europe. Realizing the girl spent most of her time reading books, he got her attention by leaving his favorite book—Captain Corelli’s Mandolin— outside her door. She was hooked, and not just on the writing of Louis de Bernières.

Six months later, they were engaged and in June 2011, they were married and moving into their first apartment overlooking San Clemente beach. Nine short months passed before she found herself pregnant, just two weeks before he shipped out to fulfill his dreams of joining the Navy.


Now, five years later, he is a Naval Officer, and she is a proud momma of two little men, ages three and one. They live in sun-drenched San Diego, raising their boys on adventure, love, and of course: hope.


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