From Ship Life to Island Living | Our First Month on Coronado

Drinkable warm sunshine, playful breezes, tiny unique shops all in a row. A little 1940’s house surrounded by citrus trees and windows with white trim. Brownies waiting on the porch on move-in day, gifts of tangy lemons and sweet, juicy oranges from neighboring trees. The sound of taps at sunset; glittering seas in every direction. This is the little world I’ve been lost in for the last month or so, our new chapter for the next three years: life on Coronado island.

Clayton's Coffee Shop on Coronado Island | More at Lace Tank + Cardigan by Ann Taylor LOFT // Diaper Bag by Lily-Jade

We officially moved mid-January. Our little house here was built eighty years ago. The drawers stick, the doors creak, there is no dishwasher and hardly over 1,000 square feet for the four of us. On paper it doesn’t sound like much, but we are so taken with this little place already. It has so quickly gone from being a house to being home for us.

Getting settled at our new place in Coronado! | More at ofseasandsundry.comFarmhouse Table // World Market

It took a little longer than our last moves to settle in, mostly because this was the first move that we had to do ourselves as well as the first one with two kids who were more than happy to “help” by “unpacking” boxes and flinging things wherever they saw fit #thanksboys

Getting settled at our new place in Coronado! | More at

One of my favorite things by far about our new place is that we finally, finally have a yard! It’s mostly patio, but the boys are already thrilled to have space to run and dig and draw and just generally be messy, wild, free hooligans.

Making the most of our little yard on Coronado | more at

Meanwhile, I have been in heaven finding small windows of time when the boys miraculously fall asleep at the same time to steal some relaxing moments in the sun. There is even a little garden box built by previous residents that I plan to turn into an herb garden sometime soon.

First trip to the Coronado Public Library | more at

Needless to say, we’ve been exploring like crazy these last few weeks despite the pressing needs of settling in and unpacking. We’ve walked all over the island, but the local public library has already become a crowd favorite.

It’s absolutely beautiful, and their children’s section has a running train, a reading space that looks like a circus tent, toddler classes, story time, a puppet show stand and accompanying puppets, and– of course– endless books. In the first ten days we were here, the boys and I made it to the library seven of them.

Sand Dunes on Coronado State Beach | more at

We’ve already fallen in love with the beaches here. They are easily walkable and every one I’ve seen so far is gorgeous. We haven’t had an official beach day yet (it being February) but if the weather stays as warm as it was today, then our first full beach day may not be too far off.

Fire + Fly Pizza on Orange Avenue, Coronado | more at

Living off base here actually has a lot of perks in my opinion. We feel so close to everything. Walking to the island’s main strip, Orange Avenue, takes only a few minutes. Last week we loaded the boys into the stroller and walked Orange, window shopping and taking in the perfect weather. We stopped at a little pizza place called Fire + Fly on the way back and knew instantly we would be regulars there during this tour. So delicious!

Tent City on Orange Avenue, Coronado Island | More at

On another night, LTJG Husband and I gave our new sitter a test run of sorts and snuck out for a night just the two of us. After a yummy seafood dinner, we landed at Tent City on Orange Avenue for lava cake and to talk about our goals and dreams for this year over a glass of Syrah. It was H-E-A-V-E-N for a tired momma at the end of a long, productive week settling in.

Stella Blue Salon on Coronado Island | more at

LTJG’s Hail and Farewell event with the wardroom from his ship was as good an excuse as any to get my hair done for the first time on the island. Yelp reviews didn’t let me down! I loved this little place I found (just a short walk away!) and my stylist did an amazing job taming my crazy mermaid hair.

Island Barbers on Coronado Island | more at

Sidenote: This little guy also got a long overdue hair cut once we moved to the island. Unfortunately, his was not as successful as mine *wince* In all honesty his ‘after’ doesn’t look much different from this ‘before’ shot, though its no real fault of the barber’s. Haircuts with this little dude have me like, “Anybody selling a straight jacket? Anyone?” 

LTJG's Hail and Farewell at URBN Pizza | more at

Anyway, we had great time at the Hail and Farewell where LTJG Husband officially said goodbye to the wardroom of his first ship. Hilarious stories were shared, parting gag-gifts were given, and the drinks and company were definitely liberally enjoyed.

LTJG's Hail and Farewell | more at

Goodbyes are one of the most difficult parts of military life, and they happen so often. This time around it was a blessing knowing that even though LTJG Husband is saying goodbye to the wardroom and ship life, staying in Coronado means not having to really say goodbye to many of the friendships he made on his sea tour just yet.

I, however, did have to say goodbye to one of the wives I met when I first moved here because her husband had orders to DC. It never gets easier! She was so sweet and supportive during a very hard sea tour and I will always be so grateful to have known her here. I hope our paths cross again soon, Jill!

Farmer's Market in Little Italy San Diego | more at ofseasandsundry.comRed Peacoat // Guess

After LTJG Husband’s last day on ship he had a little bit of leave time before starting his new position which was super helpful and the boys were ecstatic to have their dad around more this week. On Saturday we explored the farmer’s market in Little Italy and got some fresh greens to juice at home (but first: coffee, because #always).

A few other highlights of our first weeks here were: We found an awesome new church community here (Yes! Already! Cue deep sigh of grateful relief), spent some time catching up with friends who live in the area, met some local military wives, and explored the Natural History Museum at Balboa park with the boys and my in-laws.

Balboa Park San Diego | more at

I cannot wait to do more exploring around here and to share all the hotspots with you all as we go along. I promise to be better at updating regularly now that we are settled into our new digs and finding our island time rhythm. Thank you for following along!


14 thoughts on “From Ship Life to Island Living | Our First Month on Coronado

  1. Yay! I’m so glad you love it so far! :) i’m waiting super impatiently for Zack to get his new orders haha it should be sometime this month, but we’ll see. I think we’re hoping for South Carolina. I wouldn’t mind the west coast either haha

    1. Waiting for orders can be the worst but also so exciting! I’d love to get stationed in South Carolina at some point, I’ve heard its beautiful

  2. I really could not be more envious of you guys! We vacationed out in Coronado a couple years ago and truly had the time of our lives. We stayed at the cutest boutique hotel across the street from The Del and loved every minute of our vacation. My husband visited the naval base and decided that joining the Army instead of the Navy was definitely a bad decision. ;) Your house is so cute!!

  3. Man I might have to add Coronado to my list of places to visit! From what you’ve shared so far of your home, it looks awesome! We’re currently on our 2nd deployment and less than a month away until we find out where we’ll be going. We’re so eager and ready to get the next adventure going!

  4. I love it down there! My sailor comes back from a year long IA soon and he lives there. My son and I are moving down there later this year. I can’t wait!

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