Summer Water: A Recipe


Summer is here so I thought I would share my favorite fruit-infused water recipe :) On super hot days (we don’t have air conditioning) the mint in this fruit-water is especially refreshing. Plus, the coconut water gives you a natural electrolyte boost! I guzzled this recipe like crazy last summer while I was pregnant with Rafe but I never grew sick of it, and here I am craving it again this summer.

Summer Water


– 1 Liter Purified Water

– 8 oz Coconut Water

– 1 Blood Orange

– 1 Lemon (or Lime, depending on your citrus preference)

– 1/3 Cup Fresh Mint Leaves


1) Pour purified water and coconut water into a pitcher or jug.

2) Slice the blood orange into (medium thickness) round slices. Squeeze the juice of ONE of the slices into the water (do not put the squeezed rind in), then put the rest of the orange slice in the pitcher intact.

3) Cut the lemon (or lime) in half. Squeeze one half of the lemon’s juice into the pitcher (do not put the squeezed rind in), then cut the other half of the lemon into slices and put them in the pitcher intact.

4) Stir in the mint leaves. I like to rip a few of them in half to speed up the releasing of the mint flavor into the water.

Let it sit for an hour or so in the fridge, stirring occasionally. The flavors of the fruit will grow stronger the longer it is allowed to sit. I like to make mine last longer by adding more water to it when it gets down to about 1/4 of it left (the “new batch” will have much more diluted flavors but it is still more refreshing than plain water).

That’s it! Cheers to a beautiful summer!



4 thoughts on “Summer Water: A Recipe

    1. We live two blocks from the beach so most of the time its not TOO bad but there are some summer days that can get pretty brutal with the humidity o_O Haha but yes, blood oranges are amazing! Our farmer’s market has them a lot even when the grocery stores don’t.

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