A Taste of Paris at Sur La Table


This past weekend I got to cross something off my bucket list that I’ve been longing to do for years: take a French cooking class at Sur la Table! It was everything I had hoped it would be. Here’s a little peak at our “Date Night in Paris” cooking class…

I’d been keeping my eye on the Sur la Table class schedule for a while, but when I saw this “date night” class that LTJG Husband and I could do together, I knew I wanted to finally take the leap and go. Here’s what was on the menu:

Savory Sweet Pea Soufflés

Perfectly Seared Salmon with White Wine Pan Sauce

Grilled Asparagus with Tarragon and Chive Butter

Mousse au Citron with Fresh Strawberries

Make and eat my own savory souffle? Learn basic French cooking techniques from a skilled professional in their classy kitchen space and get to enjoy along the way? Certainement oui, count me in!


First impressions: The kitchen was a dream (especially if you’re used to a minuscule Coronado cooking space), our instructor -Chef Mark Brewington- was very likable and highly educated/experienced, and the atmosphere was fun and easy going despite how much was going on during the two hour class.

We worked in groups of four to complete each course, tasting all along the way. The classes are very hands on, so tactile learners will get a lot from this course. I especially liked that all the ingredients were prepared and measured out in advance by the kitchen team so that we didn’t have to spend half the class time washing and chopping.

But the best part of the class? I learned so much. The Chef was constantly giving out great bits of advice, and I found myself more than once wishing I had something to take notes in. In one class I learned: how (and why) to sear meat perfectly every time, how to make a soufflé rise properly, how to make a perfect pan sauce, when and how to use a double boiler, how to use citrus to deglaze a pan, and, of course, four amazing French recipes that I would feel confident enough to make at home now (which all tasted incredible by the way). Our favorite recipe was the dessert, and I love how easy it would be to make the mousse my own by changing it up with different fruits in season.


When the class was over, we were given a packet of information that contained the instructions for the recipes we learned that day, what utensils we used, and a 10% off coupon to use in the store or towards another class (valid only that day). I later found out military gets 10% off all the time. Hooyah!

Since the class we had just taken was paid for with a gift card from Christmas, we decided to splurge a little and invest in a classic nonstick Scanpan, plus some pinstriped linen kitchen towels and oven mitts because I’m a total sucker for linen anything and we definitely needed some new ones.

I left with very sore feet (Tip: Don’t wear heels, you’ll be standing 100% of the time), but I already couldn’t wait to flip through the schedule for the next few months to plan which class to take next. Personally, I’m keeping an eye out for ‘Sauces,’ but regardless, I’ll definitely be back for a taste of whatever’s on the menu at Sur la Table!



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22 thoughts on “A Taste of Paris at Sur La Table

  1. That sounds amazing, I’ve always been thinking of trying sur la table too but hadn’t made the plans too just yet. Looks like I might need to try it out!


    1. It was! They even have “girls night out” cooking classes. I’d love to try one of those sometime with some friends.

  2. This sounds like SO much fun! My husband and I have been saying we want to take a cooking class. I actually just told him that it would be fun to have a private chef come to our home and do one for us and a group of friends for my birthday.


  3. I have been wanting to take a cooking class at Sur La Table. It looks looks like you had such a great time! I will def be looking into a class near my area.

    1. Thanks, Kait! Hopefully you’ll get a chance to do one whenever you’re back on the mainland :)

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