Dresses Worth Falling For This Valentine’s Day

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Happy almost Valentine’s day! Can we have a moment of honesty here? I used to think Valentine’s day was an overrated marketing holiday for people who didn’t know how to celebrate their love every ordinary day of the year. I think a lot of us feel that way and its not entirely unjustified.

So what changed for me? I married a military man! And he is gone a whole lot of the time. Now, I’ll take any excuse that encourages me to take a moment and think about what we have. To slow down and recognize that especially with all the hard times our marriage has been through since he joined the military, our love is worth celebrating. And so is yours!

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Holiday Photo Shoot at Leo Carillo Ranch

Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope you all are having a beautiful and blessed day with your loved ones!

Here is a little glimpse of our family holiday photo shoot this Christmas season by the very talented Amie Alekian. From ours to yours, we wish you the coziest, happiest little Christmas and a lovely new year! (Outfit details at the bottom of the post!)

Rustic Glamour Holiday Photo Shoot on the blog at ofseasandsundry.com | Rent the Runway | Leo Carillo Ranch | Holiday Family Photo Ideas

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