Date Night at The Hotel Del Coronado

Date Night at the Hotel Del Coronado | more at

Happy September! After a much needed hiatus, I am so excited to be kicking off the blog again with a date night at the Hotel Del Coronado. The Del is such a classic San Diego landmark that never seems to lose its charm, regardless of the season.

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Highest Highs, Lowest Lows


Today is Kai’s half-birthday, which, of course, forced me into the realization that the last time I actually wrote was Kai’s due date. If it weren’t for the perfect flood of baby photos I have harassed my Instagram followers with, it would not be an unlikely theory (based on my lack of blogging) to assume I never made it out of the hospital alive. Needless to say, the last six months have been an absolute blur in which the thought of writing occurred so many times, only to fade away instantaneously in the wake of baby’s endless needs, a coast to coast to move, and Jake’s first underway period.

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