Why I Chose Tricare Standard For My Pregnancies

Are you a pregnant military wife? Wondering how to navigate the military health care system for your prenatal care? Find out why I chose Tricare Standard for my two pregnancies while 'married to the military' and why I think it's your best option for the delivery you want!

Congratulations! You just peed on a stick and that magical second pink line appeared. You’re pregnant! Unfortunately, when you’re a military wife, you know that the 1001 questions that the average woman has when she finds out she is pregnant are tripled when you are entrenched in military life. As military wives, we have to think about things that others don’t, like: Will the father be deployed before the birth? Will I have help when the baby comes with my family living on the other side of the country? How do I see a doctor and what kind of care is covered?

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