How To Sleep Better Alone | Deployment Diaries

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 It was 3 AM and LTJG Husband was at sea again. What was that noise? Was someone in the house? I lay awake for a few anxious minutes before deciding I hadn’t heard anything. My eyes drifted shut, only to bounce back open when another unfamiliar noise drifted in the window. It’s just someone walking by. Everything is okay.

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New Mommy Must-Haves

New Mommy Must Haves | A Shopping Guide | more at

Before I ever got pregnant myself, I was blessed to work as a nanny for a few amazing families which gave me the unique chance to try every variation of baby product imaginable firsthand. By the time my own sweet one arrived, I had a pretty solid idea of what I wanted/needed for my own nursery. That list did change a bit through my experience with him, and now three months in with my second I have a relatively firm list of items I recommend as my new mommy ‘must-haves.’ Check it out for yourself or for ideas to bless a new mommy you know at her baby shower!

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